What is the UFE treatment of fibroids?

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization is a non-surgical treatment that permanently removes fibroids. UFE is less complicated than surgical options and requires no hospitalization. It also has a much faster recovery time. Long-term data show that 90 to 95% of women with the UFE procedure report ongoing satisfaction and significant or total suggestive relief for many years following the procedure.

An interventional radiologist (IR) performs fibroid embolization. These doctors have extensive experience in blood vessel imaging, which is used to diagnose and treat certain health conditions

The radiologist uses imaging to guide the small catheter (thin tube), into the blood vessels that supply the fibroids. The radiologist then releases microspheres (small particles) that block the targeted arteries and prevent them from receiving blood.

What can I expect during UFE treatment?

Fibroid embolization usually lasts between one and two hours. You can either go home that day or stay overnight to recover.

There are several steps involved in this process:

The doctor makes a small incision at the wrist or groin.

The doctor uses specialized X-ray equipment to pass a catheter to the arteries that lead to the uterus.

The doctor will complete the embolization, then gently remove the catheter.

The doctor applies pressure to the puncture site and places a small bandage to prevent bleeding.

Some discomforts, including cramping and pain in the abdomen, may occur. You and your doctor will decide what medication is necessary to keep you comfortable.

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