What are the risk factors of uterine fibroids?

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Fibroids comprise the most common reason behind hysterectomies that are performed. The traditional procedure hasn’t undergone many changes in the past 60 years. Patients are in a position to watch and then wait to see whether the fibroid grows and if it does surgeries or procedures for surgery are planned.

UFE is simpler than surgical alternatives and doesn’t require hospitalization. Also, it has a quicker recovery time. Studies reveal that 90 to 95 percent of women who undergo UFE procedures are satisfied with their results and feel significant or complete relief after the procedure.

An interventional radiologist (IR) performs fibroid embolization. They are experts in imaging blood vessels, which detect and treat various health issues.

Ø  Family history.

Ø  Ethnicity. African American women are 2-3 times more likely than other women to develop fibroids.

Ø  Increased estrogen levels.

Ø  Hypertension and obesity.

Ø  Red meat consumption. Available evidence suggests that women who eat more than one serving per day of red meat have a 70% greater risk for uterine myoma, compared with women who eat the least.

Ø  Alcohol consumption. Women who had one or more drinks of alcohol per day, specifically beer, had more than a 50% increased risk for leiomyomata.

The three most common surgical procedures to treat fibroids are

·  Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus),

·  Myomectomy (Removal of fibroid from inside uterine lining),

·  Uterine Fibroids Embolization (tiny pellets are injected into the uterine artery to cut off blood flow to the fibroid.

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