Are you searching for the best varicose veins treatment in National Harbor?

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Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins. Any vein that is close to the skin’s surface can become varicose. Varicose veins most commonly affect the veins in the legs. That’s because standing and walking increase the pressure in the veins of the lower body Treatment might involve self-care measures or procedures done by a healthcare provider to close or remove veins.


• An achy or heavy feeling in your legs
• Burning, throbbing, muscle cramping, and swelling in your lower legs
• Worsened pain after standing or sitting for a longer time
• Itching around one or more than one of the veins


Here is why we are the best treatment providers for Varicose Veins in National Harbor!

– Quick and Painless treatment for Varicose Veins and other Vascular diseases

– Most insurance carriers accepted.

– We screen on-site to maintain a very high level of diagnostic quality and consistency.

– Minimally invasive solutions

You may have vein disease and should get screened.

Treatments That Help!

At VidaVascular, we offer the best varicose veins treatment in National Harbor with a variety of minimally-invasive treatments including Endovenous Ablation (EVA) which redirects blood to healthy veins. The recovery time is minimal and many patients returned to their normal activities on the same day. Endovenous Ablation (EVA) procedure at VidaVascular eliminates the pain and swelling, giving patients healthier and lighter legs.

To schedule a free screening at a VidaVascular office in Northern Virginia (convenient to Springfield, Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, and Woodbridge), Maryland (convenient to National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Waldorf, La Plata, and Clinton), and Washington DC.

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